Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Using Your Knuckles For Information

I found this awesome thing that shows you how you can use your knuckles for information also. Your knuckles can help you figure out what months have 31 days in them and what months have 30 days in them. Genius!

Injuries From Cracking Your Knuckles

There are at least two published reports of injuries suffered while people were trying to crack their knuckles. Perhaps these people were overly vigorous in their efforts. Fortunatly, it is extremely rare that you would hurt yourself while cracking your knuckles. So, crack away!

Why You Can't Crack Knuckles Constantly

You can't crack the same knuckle twice in a row because you have to wait for gas to once again build up the synovial fluid. Above is a picture of what synovial fluid looks like.

Does Knuckle-Cracking Hurt Your Job Chances?

I found this article that talks about how you should work on your bad habits, knuckle cracking, and make sure that you don't it during the interview. The article goes on to talk about how you should also work in conroling your knuckle-cracking so that you don't do it in the office and annoy everyone else around you. (http://www.45things.com/2009/02/is-your-knuckle-cracking-killing-your.php)

Knuckle Cracking Study Results:

The relation between habitual knuckle cracking and hand function was assessed among 300 patients aged 45 years and older, who had no evidence of nerve and muscle disease, inflammatory disorders, or malignant disease. Among the study group, there were 74 habitual knuckle crackers and 226 non-knuckle crackers. Although the prevalence of arthritis or inflammation of the joint was similar in both groups, hand swelling and lower grip strength were more prevalent in habitual knuckle crackers. Factors that were associated with habitual knuckle cracking included manual labor or work involving use of hands, nail-biting, smoking, and drinking alcohol. The results suggest that habitual knuckle cracking results in impaired hand function. (consumer Summary produced by Reliance Medical Information, Inc.).

Monday, December 14, 2009

Rest Assured You Piano Playing Knuckle Crackers

It's been said that knuckle cracking does not in fact affect piano playing at all. As long as a player does not crack his or her knuckles while in the middle of playing a song, it will not affect the way a piano player plays the piano at all. So crack on piano players!

Why Is It So Hard To Stop Cracking Your Knuckles?

It is so hard to stop cracking your knuckles because it is not necessarily an addiction, but more of a habit. Many people subconciously crack their knuckles, so they don't even realize that they're doing it. It's extremely hard to get out of the habit of cracking your knuckles when you don't even realize when you're doing it. Another reason in which it becomes hard to crack is because your knuckles begin to feel as though they need to be cracked in order to feel good. (http://forums.xkcd.com/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=43826)